Spanish flea jumps in Galicia

Ria de Viveiro


The arrival in the Ria of A Coruña, is done with a tailwind which forces and obliges us to roll completely the genoa without storing the spinnaker, which does not prevent us to advance still to 6 or 7 knots! We are "greeted" by nothing less than 2 freighters (one coming in and the other coming out) plus a tanker that requires 3 tugs all by itself to get into the port of El Ferrol! It's a lot of people on the water and Kéjadenn has to fight his way while still moving fast enough !! Once everyone is gone, we go to Ares for the night.

In the morning, after a quiet breakfast, while raising the anchorage, the guide no longer wants to work. There are a few meters left to hand over. With the anchor, it's not a small weight! Joëlle is doing very well and we go to Camariñas, where it will fix because it has already made this kind of whim, and we do not want to do his job all the time!


Repairing the windlass: by visiting the electrical circuit from one end to the other, I find a connection on a circuit breaker that was loose and another on the other end (relay side) which was also loose and a little " heated! Key shots on all that and it works again and again .... Until the next failure?

This is the feast of the "Virgen del Carmen", an annual opportunity to put the city in turmoil: carnival for adults and children, music galore and quite late in the night and all this for a week!

... and discover the local beer!

To get to the next stage, you have to pass the mythical Cabo Finisterre and its bad reputation puts a little pressure on us!


Very pretty where we will only "pass"! Short visit of the city and tomorrow we take the bus to Santiago de Compostela

The Ria de Muros, we will see from the bus that makes a good part of the tour before going to drop us in Santiago de Compostela ...

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