Hello !

You have just entered Kéjadenn's travel diary ......

This adventure, Joëlle and Jean-Yves will try to share it in its broad lines and perhaps more to revoyure !!

3 thoughts on "Hello !"

  1. Joëlle, Jean Yves

    Super the travel book, I do not know if Sylvie was the recipient of the mail but I will share with her. I thought of you during Miguel, but you were safe: the mordant matafs do not let themselves be hit by the first shot of Trafalgar!

    The first pictures are already dreaming, when you will be in the tropics, I'll be downright jealous ... or just want to join you for a stopover

    Kisses and good wind


  2. Hello friends
    we follow little by little your adventures ... between 2 boxes ...
    You obviously have some sun ... it's great
    We think highly of you through the photos and videos.
    When did it go through?
    Kisses and good wind
    Patou and Eveline

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